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For a monthly fee you are entitled to ride a certain number of days every week. You share the riding responsibility with the horse owner or another part boarder. It is like owning your own horse "part time" but without the responsibility and long term commitment.


Leasing is an excellent "next step" after a riding school and before buying your own horse. It gives you a chance to ride the same horse all the time and build a relationship. You will also be able to experience different things with your horse like clinics and horse shows.

At Top Notch we have a number of privately owned horses for lease.  We offer leasing as little as one day a week. We will arrange a day that works for you and the horse owner. This is your day EVERY week. You can ride by yourself, go for a hack or book a lesson! We do require that you only jump during lessons. You can ride at any time during that day during regular barn hours. If you cant make it let us know at least 24 hrs in advance and we will do our best to arrange another day for you.





Riding 1 day per week


Riding 2 days per week


Riding 3 days per week


Full Lease

                                                 PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE LESSONS


At Top Notch there are NO extra monthly costs except the lessons you take or the activities you chose to do. All regular Vet and Farrier costs are covered by the owner. There is also no long term commitment. Top Notch only requires you to sign a waiver and agree to give us a calendar months notice to change or cancel your lease arrangement with us.


Top Notch Equestrian requires all owners of leased horses to have insurance and sign a waiver.  All riders are required to be Ontario Equestrian members which provides them with their own personal injury insurance.


We also require you have a certified helmet and proper footwear. We supply the rest! Even brushes and a clean saddle pad each time! Show riders are required to provide their own show supplies ie. show sheen, shampoo, braiding stuff, coolers, wraps etc.  We recommend riders committed to the sport to consider getting their own saddle at some point.

Horses For lease

-No Horses at this time

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