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Indoor Board- Self Care

Our insulated and heated barn boasts 12 14X14 stalls each equipped with soft rubber matting. Closed motor oscillating fans are located in each stall to keep the horses cool in the height of summer. Each horse is further comforted with their own window and all stalls are separated by bars to encourage socialization.

Self Care:

- Stalls must be mucked daily

- Bedded with shavings or paper bedding

- Two water buckets are provided per stall

- Use of in house wheelbarrows and tools

- Use of Kitchen

- Use of Indoor (heated) & outdoor arena

- 1 personal tack Locker and shared storage room space

- Use of grass turn out pasture

- Use of dry lots

As a boarder you are responsible for the daily care of your horse, as well as turn in and out.

Hay will be stored on site and can be purchased.

To be added to the wait list for stalls please email

For safety our farm is monitored using video cameras.

Outdoor Board- Not Available at this time

Our outdoor board is not what you’d expect. As an outdoor boarder your horse is spoiled just like the rest. Our outdoor horses enjoy paddock rotation from winter to summer paddocks and additional socialization with various herds based on personalities. They are fed high quality hay in hay feeders throughout the winter with an emphasis on keeping them eating longer without being over fed to help achieve and maintain optimum health. You and your horse have full access to the amenities we offer including a locker for you and a shelter for your horse overnight. Please see the list of additional add on services that are available.



  • 14' x 14' Insulated Stall With Window

  • Premium Hay available for purchase

  • 24/7 Security Camera

  • Daily Full-Day Turnout 

  • Individual Turnout Available*

  • Grass & All Weather Paddocks with shelters available

  • Heated Barn during Winter Months               *Add on Services Available

Indoor Board

                 ***SELF CARE***

Outdoor Board

              Not Available at this time

Services at Additional Cost

  • Lunging

  • Additional Grain Feedings

  • On-going care for injuries and other health related issues

  • Individual Turnout

  • Stall cleaning

  • Holding for vet or ferrier

  • trailer parking

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